Samuele S. Catusian

About me

I'm an Italian hacker.

I wear a swirl earring and a gnu pin on my studded leather jacket.

I volunteer with ISF and sometimes other organisations, but lately I spend much of my time with my kids trying to be a clever father.

I don't drink coffe, I take tea my dear. (cit.)

To get in touch with me, solve the following conundrum (you just need to be smarter than a spambot):

Old, closed accounts (or about to be):

  • my first name AT secondoprincipio DOT coop (Cooperativa Secondo Principio - DEPRECATED, will be closed soon, please update your address book)

GnuPG key ID 0xDF491138 (see here).

IRC: samael at Freenode and OFTC IRC networks.